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Billing in IT Company

February 1, 2012 2 comments

Billing in a IT services company is everything for the company and for the people ,  After working in IT industry for 8 yrs I always surprise why this has been shared with employees or team members who have basically no role to play in getting themselves billable.

Normally in a IT services company there are 2 types of billing, A. Internal Billing (project related to the company itself, R&D related project or Competency projects) and B.external billing (Client based projects). Even though the resources under Internal billing (Projects) are the most important for the company’s growth but since they are cost to the company they are fired first when the economy or earning are low.

So billing is always very vital for resources for their growth and also for job safety. But can they really play a role in making themselves billable. Who should be responsible for the billing of a resource, his manager whom he reports or the resource management group, or the process of the company?

A resource hardly knows about the positions available in certain project or for that matter in an unit. The resource management group to whom the non-billable resources reports, normally feel proud in hiding the requirement so that resources will be keep giving him value. So the resource have to virtually beg to him to get into billable mode.

Managers prefer to speak less about the resource billable status because of various reasons, basically  they want to avoid the questions of the resource.

Process of the company also plays a bigger role, in some companies there is no timesheet, so the resource never actually know whether he is billable or not.

But when the economy is down, blindly company start firing the resources who are not billable. What about the resource management group, the managers who never let the resource know about the billability. If a manager cant make a resource billable whose KPA is making resource billable why company cant take action against that person during the down turn. Why its always the team members..

Don’t know who can answer this or may be I will find the answer once I am in those shoes, only time will tell. But given a chance I would like to change this process.





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