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Everything About CheckPoints in QTP

The following section gives a gist of the Check points available in QTP (HP QuickTest Professional) . Though it doesn’t give you a practical idea but it does cover the complete theory part of the check points and types of check points.

Check Points are nothing but verification points which compares the run time value of a specific object with the recorded/expected value of that Object. In other terminology it can be called as validation points in a application.

Ex- Like when a user enter a uername and a password in a application the submit button gets activated. So the tester needs to validate that as soon as the username is entered the Submit button is activated. So in QTP with the use of check point the user can put a button/Standard check point to check whether the button is active or not.

How to Use Check points

  • Check points can be inserted/ added while recording as well as during editing of the script.
  • The check point can be inserted through the Insert menu item.
  • The check points can be inserted through the keyword view by going to the object for which check point will be added.
  • Check point can also be added through the Active screen provided the active screen has captured the property of the object for which check point will be added

Types of Check Points:-

Standard Check Point –

  • Its a normal check point where it checks the property value of an object in your application or web page.
  • It can be used on various types of object like check box,radio button, edit boxes, combo box, button etc.
  • It supports all the add-in environments of QTP.

Image Check Point:-

  • It checks the value of the Image in AUT. Ex-Check that a selected Image’s source file is correct.
  • Image check point is created as a standard check point on a Image object.
  • Image Check points are supported for only Web environments.
  • Unlike Bitmap check point Image check point can not check the bitmap of the image.

BitMap CheckPoint –

  • This check point helps user in checking bitmap of an image or a full web page.
  • During run time the bit map check point can be inserted.
  • Bit map checkpoints are supported for all the add-in environments.

Table Checkpoints:-

  • It checks the information within the table.
  • its created  by inserting a standard check point on a table object.
  • it supports only web and ActiveX environments.
  • It can dynamically check the contents of cells appearing in all environment.
  • It can also check verious table properties like row height, cell width and so on.

Text Checkpoints:-

  • checks that a text string is displayed in the appropriate place in the AUT.
  • it supports all the environments.

Text Area CheckPoints:-

  • It checks that a text string is displayed within a defined area in a windows application according to specified criteria.
  • It support for standard windows, visual basic, ActiveX add-in environments.

Accessibility CheckPoint:-

  • It checks the areas of your website that may not conform to the world wide web consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility guidelines.
  • It supports only Web Environments.
  • The user can be instruct QTP for inserting automatic accessibility check point for every page you record.

Page CheckPoints:-

  • Checks the characteristics of a web page.
  • Its created by entering a standard checkpoint on a Page Object.
  • It supports only web environment.
  • Its used to check total number of link and images in the web page.
  • Page check points can be used to check Load time.
  • It can also check the HTML source tags and broken links.
  • Useful for regression testing.

Database CheckPoints:-

  • Checks the content of a database used in AUT.
  • it supports all environments.

XML CheckPoint:-

  • It checks the data content of XML documents in XML files or XML documents in web pages and Frames.
  • XML check points for web pages/frames are supported for Web environments and for Files are supported by all environments.


– Standard check point is supported in all add-in environments.

– the Insert statement option is not available while adding a check point during recording and when modifying an existing object check points.

Please have a look to this and share your comments and feedback to enhance this.

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