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Challenges in SAP Testing

January 15, 2013 1 comment

Unlike other applications/packages SAP goes through different types of lifecycles like Upgrade, Implementation, Roll-Out as per requirement. And each of these lifecycle has its own challenges as far as testing is concern. But over all SAP applications always throws some challenges which are common, irrespective of the lifecycle.

Some of the challenges are listed below,

–          Unclear requirements

–          Frequently changing requirements

–          Lack of proper documentation

–          Lack of understanding of business processes

–          Lack of proper business data

–          Lack of Co-Relating the functional flows with the customer’s business flows.

–          Missing dedicated test teams (Mostly SAP applications are tested by Functional consultants)

–          Lots of Interfaces with Legacy applications

–          Multi-site, multi country roll outs cause continuous changes in application.

–          Most deployments either involve business process re-engineering or large scale customization to fit package to business needs. 


Please send in your views guys.. 

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